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Unleashed is our very own magazine, produced in house. Here you can download the latest issue (or older issues if you wish).

Unleashed promotes kink as a safe and exciting activity that everyone can enjoy. It strives to build relationships between people interested in the scene and publishes articles that aim to entertain and educate.

Our aim is to give you informative and entertaining articles written by people who've experienced every facet of this lifestyle. We want to show that kink can be a fun and safe activity that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Many of the folks helping to produce UNLEASHED are also involved in COLLARED, the fastest growing fetish night in the UK. Running these nights all over the country has given us an amazing opportunity to bring in dozens of kinksters to help with our stories.

So chill and enjoy. We'd love to hear from you if you have ideas for stories and articles.

If want to help or have a story/other content that you'd like to contribute to the next issue, please get in touch.

Download the latest issue #3 (September 2010)

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