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Anonymous poster asked:
I love being tied up and restrained and love stuff like handcuffs. Problem is I have a real fear that they'll get jammed or that they can't be removed and that's wrecking the pleasure for me. Any advice?

Collared Answer

This worry isn't uncommon, and of course it's sensible to be aware that any gear can malfunction and that knots can become jammed. One of our friends is in a similar situation to you and the way he dealt with it was to invest in a small hacksaw. He's never needed to use it but it's given him peace of mind. You also need to buys something like a thin flat metal file to slip between your skin and the cuffs so you don't cut your skin. But always remember that most cuffs can be broken. And if the worse comes to the worst, there's always A&E. Reality is though that the lock can almost always be forced, so keep tools handy.

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