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The Collared Guided Photo Tour

So, people keep asking us "What goes on at Collared? Will I be whipped into unconsciousness and sold into slavery? What horrors can I expect to happen?"

It's natural to be terrified before coming to your first kink event. For many people, taking that first step is like walking blindfolded into a den of hungry dragons.  

The image of BDSM and kink clubs is sometimes well deserved. They can be dark and extreme places, though in reality most aren't. However Collared is something completely different, as you'll soon discover. Sure, people here take their kink as seriously as anywhere else, but they also want to have fun, have a laugh and make friends.

So, anxious people, here's our pictorial guided tour to help settle your nerves. These pics were all taken at our events, and they'll give you a flavour of what to expect.

The night begins

You walk through the door of the club. Your heart is pounding. All day you've imagined a scene from some twisted Quentin Tarantino movie, but if you get there early enough, you'll probably see something like the gentle scene below.

Yep,  just a bunch of ordinary looking guys settling their nerves with a drink and chatting to whoever comes along.

After a while some people will turn up dressed as puppies, or in Lycra or leather, some almost naked, some in chains, but most just in ordinary clothes. Not quite Nightmare on Elm Street - not yet anyway.

At all our events you'll be treated to a variety of exhibitions of different kink activities, some of which you'll see on this page. Bondage techniques are always popular, with everything from your straight-up hog-tie to one of the several styles of intricate Japanese Bondage.

At Collared, the fetishes being explored vary month by month. From Puppies to Slaves, from Bondage to Mummification and from Corporal Punishment to Electro, even people who have been coming for years with find something new to experience, and exploration is encouraged.

Wax is another popular kink, which everyone should try at least once. Very sensual.

By now the club is starting to heave, with loads of excited and curious guys chatting, playing and watching the action. It's not unusual for Collared to attract well over a hundred guys of all ages and interests. 

The action takes off

Most guys will be just standing around watching, relaxing, chatting, but it doesn't take long before the exhibitions gets people in the mood, and then all sorts of kink spontaneously kicks off around the club. 

Remember,  consent is the key. Never do anything without clear consent.

There's action wherever you look. Maybe you'll witness this hard-core Collared regular being given the thrashing he deserves (and desperately wants):

 Why not try your luck on our popular "Wheel of Misfortune", where you can end up with anything from cash and free drinks through to loads of fun punishments. Here a young contestant just lucked out with a penis-pegging. Lucky him!

The things we do for our members...

 And so it goes on, into the night. Of course many people choose to just watch and socialise or hang around the bar. That's fine too. Collared is a place to explore your fantasies and make friends. It's a place where you can play safely with people who have the same interests as you and who want to get to know you at whatever level you choose.