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24/7 Slavery
(Also known as Contract Slave, Deprivation of liberty, slave, Total Power Exchange)
Ownership or slavery, where the sub is usually live-in, and available for use any time of day or night, 7 days a week, usually 365 days a year! For the hardcore kinksters
Scratching, rubbing or sanding the surface of the skin, on any part of the body.
Adult Baby
(Also known as AB, abdl, ABDL, Daddy and Little)
Dressing up and adopting the role and personality of a baby or infant.
Adult Schoolboy
Shorts, uniform and the risk of corporal punishment
Age Gaps
(Also known as nerdy , threesome with older guys)
A substantial age gap between yourself and your play partner(s)
(Also known as arse booting, hard ruff , physical abuse, Rough Play, Rude language)
An umbrella term for extremely aggressive or violent behavior, not usually intended sexually, such as gut punching, smacking, kicking, or outright beating the shit out of someone.
Play while under the influence. As with drugs, not normally recommended practice, especially between strangers.
(Also known as Anal, , Anal Play , Arse Play, Being fucked, Bottom man, getting fucked, prostate massage , virgins)
Anal play
Anal play
(Also known as Ass play)
Stimulation of the anus and/or prostate using tongues, fingers, toys, etc.
Animal Play
(Also known as Pet Play)
Umbrella category for the less common forms of animal play. Pup and Pony play are categorized separately.
Meeting and having sexual activities to which the partners' identities are unknown to each other
Anonymous play
Sex and/or play without ever knowing the identity of the person/s you're playing with.
(Also known as Armpit Fucking, armpits smells, Armpits/smells , sniffer pits)
A fetish for licking or being partially smothered by another persons armpits.
Arse to Mouth
Sexual practice involving felatio immediately following anal sex, usually without cleaning off the penis first
Ass play
Ass play refers to sex practices that focus on the buttocks and anus. It comes in varying degrees, and doesn't always involve penetration. It could be as simple as lightly slapping ones buttocks. It can involve rimming or licking the opening of the anus. It can involve penile penetration or the insertion of sex toys, such as butt plugs.
(Also known as BB, Breeding )
Sex without protection
(Also known as Foot Torture)
Torture of the feet.
(Also known as Club play.)
Heavy-set men who are often characterized as having hairy bodies and facial hair; some are also muscular; some attempt to project an image of rugged masculinity in their grooming and appearance.
(Also known as CNC play., Impact, Taking the belt)
Almost corporal punishment but more physical and not requiring implements, usually with punching or kicking.
Belching or burping into another guys face or mouth.
The use of belts as a whip-like instrument for corporal punishment
(Also known as Bike Leathers)
For people into biker leathers and other gear.
Bins and Bags
Enjoys being put into bins and or bin bags. More often then not used as a bondage or humiliation tool. Also used by people into the plastic or shiny feel or bin bags. Can also be used for wet and messy play to contain the mess.
(Also known as Neck biting, Nibbling)
Does what it says on the tin! Just make sure not to draw blood. Biting is often a sensual rather than a painful activity. Includes gnawing. Focus on sensitive areas of the body like the inner thigh and back.
(Also known as Blackmail play.)
using blackmail to obtain sexual gratification
Bleached pattern jeans (usually worn by skinheads).
(Also known as hoods, Masks)
Wearing a blindfold or making a person wear a blindfold
Blood Play
Usually related to more hardcore versions of biting or knife play, blood play involves finding a sexual enjoyment of being made to bleed (or making someone bleed), and doing various things with the blood, including licking/drinking it, touching it, and using it as lube. Please note, blood play is an extremely dangerous fetish - do not take it lightly or without taking the proper precautions.
Body Modification
(Also known as Castration Play)
The act of changing how your body appears
Body Odour
(Also known as Body Odour (Musk), Musk, Scent, scents)
A fetish for sniffing/licking (or being forced to) male body odour.
(Also known as felt pens)
Painting of the body.
body worship
Self explanatory really, involves licking, kissing, massaging any/all areas of the body
(Also known as 24/7 Chains, BDSM, being restrained, Bondage , Bondage., Bondage - All, Chains, Crucifixion, Duct Tape, Dungeons, Escape Challenge , Foot Bondage, Gag play: Ball, Bit, Ring, Spider & more., Harness, Harnesses, Hogtie, immobilisation, Inversion table, leather bondage, Leather Restraints, Mitts, Predicament Bondage, Restraining, Restraint , Restraints, Rope Bondage, Rope play., ropes, rope work, Tied up , Zentai)
Restraining using rope, metal or through some other means.
Bondage - Rope
(Also known as Rope, rope bunny , Rubber & Latex play., Totally immobile bondage)
Branding is using a piece of metal that has been heated up and pressed on to a slave or sub to show ownership. It's similar to a cowboy with cattle.
Breath Control
(Also known as asphyxiation, Breath Exchange, breathing control, Breathplay, Breath play/control., Choking, Hand over Mouth/gagging, Light Choking, Plastic bags , Suffocation play. , Underwater Dunking)
Restricting the ability of one to breath or controlling the means and rate of breathing. Warning: this can be dangerous.
(Also known as Covered in Cum, Cum Tasting, Facials)
The act of multiple men ejaculating onto one person's face/body.
(Also known as being beaten up and used)
Aggressive and pushy role in which the weaker and more vulnerable lad is tormented and humiliated.
Butt Plugs
(Also known as arse play, Buttplugs, Toy play.)
The often creative and extended use of various insertables up the bum.
Being restricted in a cage. This can be done as part of other kinks such as pup-play or humiliation
Striking body parts with a cane. Simples.
The insertion of catheters into somebody to remove control of their bladder. Can be classified in Piss play and Medical categories.
(Also known as Ballbusting, Ball busting, Balls bndg-stretching, Ball Stretching, ball weights, Being ball busted, Cock and Ball Torture)
Cock and Ball torture
(Also known as CB, Chasisty, Chastity , Chastity belt, Denial, Keuschheit)
Using psychological or (usually) physical means to restrict or control erection or orgasm.
(Also known as Clothed male/naked male )
Otherwise known as "Clothed Men, Naked Men) this is a fetish that involves a vulnerable naked man in an environment of clothed males.
(Also known as Cock rings )
Wearing cockrings, d'uh!
cock sucking
(Also known as Blowjobs, cocksucker, cocksucking, Cum Swallowing , Fallacio )
Sucking cock, durrrrr!!
Cock Worship
(Also known as Foreskin, Oral, Smegma, Sucking, Worhipping Penis whilst being spanked)
Worship and adoration of the male genitalia.
(Also known as Collar and Leash , Collared led by a Leash)
Seen by many as an accessory rather than a kink, but they look hot so we wanted to include them here.
(Also known as Being caned, Belting / The Cane, Caning, Corporal Punishment, CP, CP/Impact Play, Discipline, Flogging, spanking, beating, Judicial/Military CP, taking the belt)
Corporal Punishment, or CP. Using hands, floggers, paddles or other hitty implements to induce pain.
An item of clothing designed to compress a persons lower abdomen. Often worn by women as part of a fetish outfit. Can be worn by men too, but not as commonly.
(Also known as Cossplay , Costumes, Supervillains , Wearing Slutty Clothing)
Role-play that includes costumes/uniforms.
Cross dressing
(Also known as crossdressing, panties, Smelly stockings , Tights, TV's)
Cross-dressing is the act of wearing clothing and other accoutrement commonly associated with the opposite sex within a particular society. Cross-dressing has been used for disguise, performance art and as a literary trope in modern times and throughout history. Nearly every human society throughout history has made distinctions between male and female gender by the style, color, or type of clothing they are expected to wear, and likewise most societies have had a set of norms, views, guidelines, or even laws defining what type of clothing is appropriate for each gender. It does not, however, necessarily indicate transgender identity; a person who cross-dresses does not always identify as being of a gender other than their assigned gender. The term denotes an action or a behavior without attributing or proposing causes for that behavior. Some people automatically connect cross-dressing behavior to transgender identity or sexual, fetishist, and homosexual behavior, but the term cross-dressing itself does not imply any motives.
Where a dom squeezes, sits on, or otherwise compresses a sub, sometimes to the point of physical pain, or for the benefit of restraining him.
When a person gets turned on when their partner has sex with another person.
(Also known as covered in cum, creampie, cum on body, Cum on jeans, Cum play, Cum swapping, Jism, Spunk)
Semen, spunk, the piss of life, baby batter... whatever you call it, you know what it is
Cum Control
(Also known as Chastity-Cum deprivation, CUM denial, Cumdump, Edging and milking, Orgasm Control, tease and denial, Tie and tease )
Only being allowed to cum at certain times
(Also known as Distance play )
like goth, but more cyber! Think apocalyptic futures and survival of the fittest!
(Also known as Daddy and boy, Daddy & boy, Uncle)
Role play in which an older person takes on the role of father.
Doing or challenging someone to do something that involves risk
Deep Heat/Freeze
Spraying deep heat or deep freeze on the body (usually somewhere sensitive) to induce the sensation of the temperature described.
Deep Throat
(Also known as Throatfucking, Throat training)
The act of taking the penis deep and hard into the throat
(Also known as bullying, pain heavy, Symbolic face slapping, Verbal abuse)
Talking down to someone and forcing them to a low point of humiliation.
As it sounds
Diapers, without the Adult Baby fetish
(Also known as Big toys, double enders , Exotic Dildos, Horse Dildo, strapon, Toys)
toys representative of a penis.
because screw puppy play
Domestic Chores
(Also known as House-Boi, Household Chores, Service as Butler, Servicing)
The desire or requirement to perform menial domestic chores, e.g. washing up, cooking, ironing and cleaning. The clothing is often perscriptive.
(Also known as clothing control, Control , D/s, Finn dom. , On all fours, size difference , S & M., Subjugation, Total Domination)
I broad term covering numerous possibilities. Used when a person can't be arsed to go into detail.
Domination and Submission
The consensual control of another person by force of will or physical means. Imposing a set of controls, rituals and behaviours on another. Consensually submitting to such control.
Double penetration
(Also known as Anal double)
two cocks; one hole
Down Gear
A clothing fetish
Dress/hair control
Control over someone's clothing and hairstyle.
Dry Fucking
(Also known as No lube fisting)
Fucking without lube
(Also known as Edging , Edging., ediging, Gooning)
Coming nearly close to ejaculation, then purposefully stopping sexual stimulation in order to delay, so that the ultimate climax will be more intense.
(Also known as Electro torture, Estim, E-stim , mild electro, Violet Wands)
An awesome technique in which a tiny electrical stimulation is passed across the skin, causing sensational sensations
the loss of power and masculinity, mainly through words/actions spoken/done by the dominant
Emotion Play
(Also known as Praise)
having your emotions controlled
The process of cleansing the bowels with fluid.
(Also known as CMNM, Exhibitionism , Exposure, Naked, Nudity, Public, Public Exhibitionism, Sketching/photoshoots)
Performing risky, humiliating or sexual acts in the wider world.
Kink activities that are on the edge, both mentally and physically. These vary according to the perception of the individual but are often said to include activities such as scat and needles.
(Also known as facefucked, face fucking, Throat fucking)
Forcibly fucking of the mouth.
Face sitting
Sitting on a subs face as an act of humiliation. Usually involves rimming.
Passing wind
The act of forcing a sub/being forced to eat in order to gain weight.
(Also known as Feet , Feet Socks , Feet worship, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, smelly feet, Smothering with feet, Toes)
Enjoyment derived from the worship (widely defined) of feet. It is one of the most common fetishes.
To remove sexual fluids from partners anus via sucking or licking "After Brad's magnum size penis finished in my ass, he began felching his load out of it."
Originally used on horses (to make them more lively if they were being sold) this is the practice of placing a ginger root or similar up an orifice.
A general expression for the more sleazy and sloppy end of kink.
Financial Control
(Also known as Cash fag , Findom)
As it says
Fire play
Use of naked flames or heat (or mind play involving these) to induce fear or sensations.
(Also known as Anal Prolapsing, Ass working-Fisting, Double Fisting, FF, Fisted, Fisting. , fisting training , Fisting training (just starting))
The act or art of putting a fist in a rectum, very popular practice among more evolved (kinky) gays requires great care and huge amounts of lubrication.
The use of masturbation aides
(Also known as Flogging , Flogging, spanking, how, light flogging, single tail whipping, Whipping)
The use of multi-strand floggers as part of corporal punishment
(Also known as Foodplay, Pizza)
Foot fucking
Similar to fisting, but using the foot instead.
(Also known as Barefoot, Bootlicking, Boots, Boot Worship, Doc Martens , Footwear/Boots, high heels, Hitops, Leather (Boots), smelly trainers, Socks, Swapping Trainers/Socks/Boxers, Trainers, Used socks)
Forced Acts
(Also known as Forced Exercise, Forced Haircuts, Forced labor, Forced Nudity, force dressing, forced workouts, Haircuts, Resistance , Rough Sex)
Being forced (with permission) to do something that you wouldn't normally do
Forced Fem
(Also known as Feminisation)
Forced tattoos
Forcing someone to have a tattoo
Not penetrative sex
Anal intercourse
Fucking machine
Getting fucked by a machine, usually whilst in bondage.
Full rubber coverage
Being dressed head to toe in rubber
(Also known as Furry, Fursuit, Murrsuits , Plushification, Yiff)
The instinct to emulate our animal friends. No necessarily a sexual lifestyle, but one taken quite seriously by man who have adopted an animal personality identity.
(Also known as Being gagged , mouth taped)
Devices that are places over or in the mouth to restrain movement and sound.
Gas Masks
(Also known as Gasmaske)
Gender Play
(Also known as Femboys)
More involved version of cross dressing basically.
Full heavy rubber coverage
Oral sex with strangers through a hole in the wall, often in public toilets
In most cases, the submissive is aroused by having a master's gloved hand (usually leather) gag their mouth while dominating them.
(Also known as Gangbang, GANG BANG, Group Sex, spit roast, spitroasting, threesomes, Threesomes/group, wank groups)
more than 2 doing naughty things!!
(Also known as Gunge Play, Slime Play)
Covering one in unconventional substances.
Gut Punching
Punching the submissive in the stomach, usually as a form of bullying.
Gym Sex
Sexual acts involving gym equipment or in a gym
Hair Pulling
(Also known as Mohicans)
Pulling a subs hair in order to punish or control them - or just because they enjoy it.
Hand over Mouth
(Also known as HOM)
A highly erotic dominant action where the hand is roughly and assertively pressed over the mouth.
Sex and kink by yourself. Threesome = 3 people. Twosome = 2 people. Handsome.....
The process of turning an intelligent and modest guy into an dumb hot and attractive man.
(Also known as Hoods/Gags/Masks, masks)
A covering of various materials that encase the head and face.
Human Ashtray
Being used as a human ashtray, obviously!
Human Furniture
(Also known as Objectification)
Using someone like a piece of furniture, most commonly a footstool, table or hat-stand.
Human Pet
(Also known as dog)
a human pet - not linked to puppy/kitten/pony/pig/*intert animal* play
Human Toilet
(Also known as Piss drinking & toilet slave, Shit Eating)
As it says - being a living, breathing toilet
(Also known as Dressing up and abuse, piss on, , Public Humiliation)
Making orders or setting tasks that are designed to humiliate and degrade.
(Also known as chastity hypnosis , Hynpo, mind control)
Look into my eyes, not around the eyes, look into my eyes... and you're under.....
Using ice (usually cubes of frozen water) to induce stimulation on the body.
impact play
(Also known as Crops, Impact , Impact play., Paddling )
Part of sensation play, dealing with impact such as whips, riding crops, paddles, floggers, etc.
(Also known as Captivity)
Being incarcerated or trapped as a form of punishment, restraint, and humiliation.
Inflatable Pool Toys
Inflatable Pool Toys
Wikipedia says: An interrogation scene is a form of BDSM roleplay in which the participants act out the parts of torturer and victim. As in real life torture chambers throughout the world over, the "torturer" uses threats, humiliation and physical pain to extract whatever information he/she believes the "victim" possesses. The game is over when the victim has broken and divulged the secret. The length and severity of the scene will vary according to the temperament of the players. Dedicated players attempt to replicate the atmosphere of a real torture session and, as in real life, the "victim" can expect to be stripped naked, tied up, mocked and abused. Popular methods of play in interrogation scenes include tickle torture, where the victim will be tied up and tickled continuously without relief (particularly in areas that are quite sensitive; such as the belly, underarms, feet, toes, nipples and genitalia) until the victim submits and reveals the information. One form of torture is orgasm control or erotic sexual denial, where the submissive victim is sexually stimulated to the brink of orgasm by the torturer. The torturer may then reduce the stimulation and keep the victim in a state of extended arousal for a long period of time. By varying the pace of the stimulation, the victim may be forced to undergo cycles of "up" and "down" arousal by the torturer. When satisfied with the experience, the victim may divulge the secret in order to be brought to the desired orgasm by the torturer. The interrogation may be continued past the orgasm, particularly if the victim orgasms without divulging the secret. Generally, the glans becomes very sensitive after orgasm, and continued stimulation may manifest more as an extreme tickling sensation. This can become quite uncomfortable for the victim, or perhaps even painful, providing them with an incentive to comply with the torturer's demands.
Being isolated, secluded. For instance being left in a cage for a prolonged time with no entertainment
Kidnap Fantasy
(Also known as Kidnap )
Sexual fantasy based on the idea of being kidnapped.
the original scottish garb: manskirts!
Kink Clubs
Visiting fetish/kink clubs, esp. the best fetish night around on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month at The Underground: Collared.
Kitten Play
Similar to pup play, but obviously as a kitten instead =P
Knife Play
This is an activity involving the perception of risk by using sharp implements. Knife play invariably works on a sense of drama and threat. It is of course unlawful to use an implement to cut someone.
(Also known as Bin Bags, Plastic)
The wearing and feeling of latex.
(Also known as Leather , Leather chaps , Leather curious )
A liking for leather-made clothing.
(Also known as Ball licking/sucking)
Dragging one's tongue along a surface
Light Pain
(Also known as Face slapping, Light pain , Pain/Torture, Punnishment)
Like pain, only lighter. Could also be more teasing with a hint of a pain suggested.
Locker Room
scenes that happen in a locker room
Love Bites
(Also known as Hickeys, Marking, Tagging)
A hickey, kiss mark, love bite, or slag tag is a bruise or mark caused by the kissing or sucking of the skin, usually on the neck or arm. While biting might be part of giving a hickey, sucking is sufficient to burst superficial small blood vessels under the skin. Hickeys typically last from five to twelve days and may be treated in the same way as other bruises. Ways to reduce the appearance of hickeys include icing recent hickeys to reduce swelling, rubbing them with a chilled spoon to break up blood clots, and applying a warm compress to older hickeys to dilate vessels and promote blood flow.[1] They can be covered with foundation, powder or concealer. Alternatively, articles of clothing such as scarves, turtle necks, or sleeves may be used to conceal hickeys.
(Also known as Morphsuits , spandex)
A liking for lycra-made clothing.
Machines that do kinky things for you
Playing with or in animal faecal matter.
Martial Arts
Hot fighting!
The tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from one's own pain or humiliation.
(Also known as Massage , Massage (amateur))
Massage is the working of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques, to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being.
Masters and Slaves
(Also known as Dominant, DOM TOP, houseboy, I am a slave, Master, Masters and Slaves , Master/slave, Master & Slave, M/s (Master/slave ), Power Exchange, Rules, Servant, Serving, Slave, slave labour, Slavery, Submissive, used for sexual purpose with master and his friends)
Power and control of another human being.
(Also known as Frotting, Mutual masturbation, Wanking)
Having a hand-shandy
(Also known as Clean Enemas, ws, , Inspection)
Play that can be based on roles or particular activities that emulate medical activities. These can be investigatory (such as an inspection) and procedural (such as performing medical activities of a specific nature).
Metal Restraints
(Also known as Ankle cuffs, Chain, Fetters, Handcuffs , Irons, Manacles, Shackles, steel restraints)
Use of metal devices to restrain the sub, such as shackles, handcuffs, irons, etc. Usually locking.
A Middle is an age player who typically identifies as older than an Adult Baby (or Small), usually around the 6-16 years range
(Also known as Cum Cow, Forced milking in bondage, Forced orgasm, venus 2000)
Forcing a person to cum repeatedly over a short period of time
Mind play
(Also known as Mind fucks, Mind play, Psychological play)
Psychological play in which tension, fear, suspense or apprehension are induced through game tactics. This activity may include such elements as interrogation, humiliation and risk.
A threesome involving two men and one woman. There are several options for who actually has sex with whom: (1) the woman in the middle; (2) one of the men in the middle; (3) everyone has sex with both the others.
Motorcycle gear
(Also known as moto X gear)
Helmets, leather and a throbbing ride - what more do you need ?
Playing in or with mud, mud wrestling is a popular way of enjoying this.
(Also known as Mummification.)
Wrapping the body in various materials - usually plastic film or cloth - to totally restrict movement.
Muscle Worship
Touching a muscular body in sexually arousing ways
Muzzles and Head Harnesses
(Also known as muzzles)
Similar to hoods, but designed to contain the jaw without restriction over the other areas.
(Also known as Diapers, Nappy Play)
Wearing and using nappies.
Needle Play
(Also known as needles)
Wearing gear made out of neoprene, surprisingly!
Stinging nettles
(Also known as nipple clamping, Nipple clamping, Nipple Play, Pegging, tit torture)
Applying stimulation or restraint or pain on the nipples.
Numbers Game
A prediliction for kink or fun with a specified number of participents.
(Also known as Dehumanisation, Human Furniture, Servitude)
Using a person as an inanimate object such as a table or stool.
Object Implementation
The use of everyday household, DIY, or any other objects not originally intended for fetish/sexual purposes; for sexual or fetishistic satisfaction.
(Also known as Oil )
Getting covered in oil, usually baby oil. Oil wrestling is a popular way of enjoying this.
(Also known as blow, extensive varied bj to u)
Oral sex
(Also known as Naturism, nude beaches, Outdoors.)
Engaging in kinky activities in the great outdoors. Isn't necessarily exhibitionism.
Outdoors & Public
(Also known as Outdoors & Public, Outdoors & Public)
Play outdoors or in public.
(Also known as Undressing)
Generic term used to describe the wearing of clothes or other material on the body, including specific materials like lycra and latex, uniforms and footwear.
Using boys as commodities
(Also known as Trampling)
Generic expression for a range of activities such as corporal punishment or nipple torture.
Use of clothes pegs or bulldog clips etc on any part of the body, most commonly nipples or genitals.
Permanent Marks
Leaving permanent markings upon a subs body, via methods such as branding or tattooing.
Photographing Mobile Phones
The strange fetish of taking pictures focused on mobile phones, often with something more interesting happening in the background
Finding piercings/being pierced sexually attractive
(Also known as Pig play)
A person who is eager for any type of sexual encounter, irrespective of most 'standard' limits. This can involve all sorts of sex, such as being into hard core fisting, into urine, and other 'extreme' fetishes, that have a sexual connotation
pin wheel
Toy with pins on a wheel for running over the skin
Piss fucking
(Also known as Pissfucking)
Forcing piss into the arse, usually by way of a cock.
Police Uniform
The long er um 'hand' of the law.
Pony Play
Like pup play, but with ponies.
(Also known as Poppers/Chems, Poppers play. , Poppers Play / Control )
Taking poppers
Post Apocalyptic
When the future isn't as awesome as it seems... Or is it?
Primal Play
A type of sexual kink or deviancy which involves becoming animalistic during sex. Can include scratching, biting, general brute force, and animal-type noises like howling, snarling, growling, etc. The dominants in this kink community are sometimes referred to as primal hunters and the subs are primal prey.
(Also known as Convict)
Someone who plays the prisoner...
Prostate Massage
(Also known as Fingering, prostate play)
Massaging prostate
Prostitution Play
(Also known as Whore)
roleplay involving prostitution
Psychological Play
(Also known as Beg, disorientation , Drone)
The act of subjecting somebody to, or being subjected to, mind-fucks, fear games etc
Public acts
People who enjoy being a part of the punk scene, usually involving certain specific styles of clothing.
Pup Play
(Also known as Bark, Belly Rubs, Collar and Leash, Daddy and Pup, Dogplay, Dog training, Master pup, Master/pup, Mutt, Nuzzles, Pup, Pup Handler, Pup mask Hooded wear leather harness & Jock, Pup mask Hooded wear leather harness & Jock, Pup mask Hooded wear leather harness & Jock, Puppies, Pup-Play, Pup Play (early days), Puppy, Puppy Play)
Playing like a dog/puppy.
Shiny plastic-coated fabrics
Rack and Stretching
An ancient torture technique in which the body is subjected to prolonged or acute stretching.
stuff you wear in the rain... duh!
Rape Fantasy
(Also known as Sex fight )
Sexual fantasy based on the idea of being raped.
Using a variety of cufs and other items to restrict movement
Riding the Horse
A device on which the submissive is placed where a pointed edge digs into the private area while his own body weight does the crushing. Usually they are built/adjusted so that with legs fully extended, the pain is alleviated, setting up a battle between aching legs and genital pain.
Rigger boots
A rigger boot is a particular type of pull-on safety boot in the United Kingdom. The name "rigger" comes from the fact that they were standard issue for workers on the offshore oil rigs in the North Sea, but are nowadays worn by most types of manual worker as a general purpose workboot. Riggers, as they are commonly nicknamed, are usually tan in colour and go approximately third of the way up the leg and feature a steel toe cap for safety. Other distinguishing features of the boots include pull-on loops around the top of the boot's shaft and internal fur lining.
(Also known as licking ass, rim, Rimming )
The act of using one's tongue on the anal rim of another person in order to gain and/or give sexual pleasure. Insertion is not necessary but often appreciated.
Ripped clothes
Getting off on ripped or torn clothing
Games and activities such as dare games that involve change or fate.
(Also known as Age Play, Consensual nonconsent, CP role play, Father and Son, Master Worship, Medical Roleplay, Online, phone sex, Pony play, Race play, Role play, Role play , Role-play, Roleplaying, Sissy, Topping/Switch , Writing porn)
Living out your sexual fantasy as realistically as possible
More general expression for "role play" involving people adopting various personas.
(Also known as Catsuit, Industrial Rubber, Rubber , Rubber Drone, Waders)
A liking for rubber-made clothing.
An umbrella term referring to the pleasure gained from inflicting pain on others. Many fetishes fall into this, including spanking, cbt, bastinado, breath control, nipple torture, aggro, and anything else that involves pain.
What is saline? Saline is injecting up to one litre of a sterile 0.9% salt water solution into the scrotum (ball sack), possibly also the shaft of the dick, to dramatically increase the size of the genitals. It’s done with the use of an IV drip. What’s the attraction? For men fascinated by size, saline’s a cheaper and quicker way of getting huge genitals compared to silicon injections or surgical implants. Balls can be inflated with saline to at least the size of a large grapefruit. Men get off on the attention they attract with huge cock and balls. They get a kick from feeling their sensitised and oversized genitals rubbing against their clothing. Although some report quite intense pain as they inject, for some men this is part of the appeal. For others the erotic charge comes from the sensations of having heavy, distended balls full of warm liquid. A fascination with needles and injecting may come together with a fetish for medical play, possibly also control and domination scenes where someone submits to having this ‘inflicted’ on them.
scally gear
(Also known as chav)
I hate chavers, they're all cocks burberry hats and burberry socks, earrings made of cheap fake gold, fag butts that they always hold, they wear them stupid sports clothes too, while they're 'bezzin' with their 'crew' around the town, just hanging out, they all swear and scream and shout, they have a language called townie speak, drink white shite and get fucked all week, they're hair so full of gel it makes me gag, "'ere you mate, giv' us a fag fookin' this and fookin' that, don't you 'dis' me burberry hat 'scuze me mate I fucked ya mam, gi' us sum pennies to buy some scran meeeh! you fuckin' bastard boggers di' you like me adi' joggers? shut yer mouth or i'll shut it for yer i don't need no court-room lawyer going to prison is like fuckin' hardcore waitin' in the dole line is such a bore in me jail cell tha time don't pass ('ere jus' don' tell anyone I got fuck'd in the ass)! me mums a slag an mi sis' a hoe u take ta piss... but boferd? NO! thats why i'm thick and can hardly speak but i'm tha best an' you're a 'freak' (mmmeeeeeeh!!!) well minted is the town cross, we can go down 'market and just doss, i like me ashlands and ta council estate" its those bastard chavers that I really hate!
(Also known as Coprophilia, Faeces, Scat )
Sexual stimulation through the manipulation or devouring of faeces. Famous practitioners include Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
School Uniform
Fetish for guys wearing school uniform.
(Also known as Clawing)
Being scratched during a scene
General expression for activities that induce a variety of responses (usually of a non-painful nature) such as tickling, ice or stroking.
Sensory Deprivation
(Also known as Sensation Play, Sense Play, Sensory Deprivation, White Noise)
Sensory deprivation or perceptual isolation is the deliberate reduction or removal of stimuli from one or more of the senses. Simple devices such as blindfolds or hoods and earmuffs can cut off sight and hearing respectively, while more complex devices can also cut off the sense of smell, touch, taste, thermoception (heat-sense), and 'gravity'. Sensory deprivation has been used in various alternative medicines and in psychological experiments (e.g., see isolation tank). As one sense is lost, the others are amplified.
Service as Maid/Butler
An act in which a sub submits to his master in the form of 'The Help' style serving. Often accompanied by the appropriate outfit (or fetishised versions of them), and can be connected to humiliation and cross dressing fetishes, though not always.
(Also known as Metal restraints)
Bondage with metal accessories.
(Also known as boy shaving, Shave, Shaving , Total Shaving Head to Toe)
Removing bodily hair.
(Also known as Shibari )
Japanese rope bondage
(Also known as School girl, stockings, Tampons)
The act of wearing 'sissy' gear
(Also known as Polo shirts, skin heads, skins)
A tight fitting and locking neoprene, leather or rubber device, encapsulating the sub's body upto the neck.
(Also known as Ash, Cigarette, Fag, Smoking (Cigars))
Exhaling smoke or ash upon another in order to dominate and humiliate.
(Also known as Jockstrap smelling, Underwear sniffing)
Smelling things
Self explanatory really. Anything to do with what comes out of your nose.
(Also known as Smelly Socks, Sweaty socks)
(Also known as Sounds, Urethral Sounding)
Placing a metal rod or similar down the urethra
(Also known as Being spanked, cp, Glowing butt, Light Spanking, Slapping, spank, Spanking , swell spanked, Tawse)
Applying force to the body using hand(s) or implement(s).
(Also known as Shorts speedos )
The appreciation of form fitting swimware that displays the assets of the wearer.
(Also known as gob, Gob, Spit )
Desire either to spit at someone or receive spit. This can be either in the mouth, on the face or some other part of the body, or on the floor to be then ingested.
Sports Kit
(Also known as american football kit, Boxing, Football Kits, football kitted sex, Footy Kit, Gym wear, Rugby Kits, Shorts, Sports Gear, Sports Gear dirty, Sportswear , trainers )
Wearing sporting kit/gear, usually football, but also increasingly American football, hockey, basketball and many other new and wonderful sports from the Colonies.
St Andrews Cross
(Also known as Saint Andrews cross)
A cross (not the Jesus kind) with shackles at each end
stomach sitting
Pretty self explanatory.
Straight Jackets
(Also known as Straitjackets)
A tight fitting jumper fetish
strong pain
stronger than usual!
(Also known as Being dominated, Bottoming, Kneeling , Prisoner,more, Tied up and gagged , Worship )
A set of behaviors, customs, and rituals involving the submission of one person to another in an erotic episode or lifestyle.
A popular fetish involving the wearing or use of suits or formal wear of a particular type. Often part of specific role p;lay/
(Also known as Superheroes more of a Villain , Superheroes(/villains))
Being attracted to superheroes
The action of suspending someone or something or the condition of being suspended.
(Also known as Getting guys sweaty)
Licking or being drenched in sweat.
(Also known as Speedos)
Attire that you wear to swim. Often close fitting to show off the swimmers assets.
Tactical Gear
Tactical or military gear
Finding tattoos/receiving tattoos sexually arousing
Underwear with a thin behind to simulate the absence of this part of the clothing and to stimulate the apparatus on the other side.
(Also known as Tickle)
The act of stimulating the body, so as to cause involuntary twitching, squirming, and laughter. Used for foreplay, fun, or torture.
tight jeans
(Also known as Sex in jeans, tight denim)
Tit Torture
(Also known as Nipple tease/torture, Nipple Torture, titclamps, tit play, TT)
A fetish for specific toe shapes and movements, particularly during orgasm or pain.
TPE (Total Power Exchange)
(Also known as Power exchange )
The Dominant gets complete control over the submissive in ALL aspects.
Trackie Bottoms
Easily removable trousers
Trainers and Sneakers
Attraction to sports footwear and guys wearing them.
(Also known as enthusiasm to learn )
Part of the Master-Slave relationship, where the Master helps the slave to learn a specific kink, such as pup training, anal play or pain tolerance.
An attractive, boyish-looking, young gay man. The stereotypical twink is 18-22, slender with little or no body hair, often blonde, dresses in club wear even at 10:00 AM, and is not particularly intelligent. A twink is the gay answer to the blonde bimbo cheerleader.
(Also known as Bulges, Dirty panties , guys in panties, Jockstraps, Lingerie, mens underwear, Panty sniffing , sexy underwear, Soiled knickers , Swap underwear, Thongs , underwear , used underwear, Wedgies, white ck briefs)
A liking for underwear.
(Also known as Army/Camo, Ballet kit, Business Suits, Combats, Helmets, in school uniform or house boy uniform, Military, Military Uniforms, Suits)
A liking for uniforms.
Vac Cube
Like a vac bed, but 3D
Vac Rac
A layered sheet of rubber or other material into which a person climbs. Air is sucked out of the device resulting in total restraint
Vacuum pumping
The use of a vacuum pump to pull blood to a certain body part, and therefore make it swell larger. Such as the penis or nipples.
(Also known as Dirty talk)
The use of harsh and humiliating words, phrases and descriptions to dominate, humiliate and degrade.
(Also known as Vibrating toys)
Any device producing a vibrating effect. Can be inserted or used on the surface of the body.
(Also known as Puke)
Throwing up over another person or being forced to vomit through activities such as extreme deep-throating.
(Also known as Photo/Filming, Webcam)
The act of watching a scene
(Also known as Golden shower, Marked by Piss, Piss, Piss , piss and pants, Piss Drinking, Piss drinking & toilet slave, piss fun, Pissing, Piss on jeans, Piss Urinal, Watersports , Water Sports, ws, W/S, Yellow)
Play involving piss, most commonly sprayed or poured over the body but sometimes inside the body or mouth.
(Also known as Candle wax , Hot wax, WAX )
Pouring or dripping hot, melted wax on someone.
Hanging weights on a sub, from areas such as the balls, nipples, mouth, or anywhere you can fit a clip on them. Can also be used to make stress positions even more difficult to maintain.
Wet and Messy
Like gunge play, but not limited to gunge.
Neoprene suit designed to keep you warm during (non kinky) watersports activities, however it is a mainstream fetish.
Wearing work clothes
(Also known as Wrestling playfully)
Japanese fiction based on homoerotic/romantic relationships