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Anonymous poster asked:
I've been getting into the whole BDSM experience over the past few months but one thing I can't deal with is tickling. It makes me want to convulse and throw up, but I don't want to set it as a hard limit. It's horny, but I just can't cope with it. Any advice?

Collared Answer

You're not alone. Loads of guys can't handle being tickled. Obviously I could say you should set it as a hard limit, but instead why not try a couple of techniques to deal with the sensation? The most successful coping strategy I know is just to go into the sensation rather than resist it. Don't focus on the tickling, but instead try to let it flow over you. Sounds weird, but embrace it rather than trying to resist it. Relax your muscles – don't tense them. Clear your mind and focus on something else. You never know, it might just work for you. Best of luck.

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