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Chat Help

The new Collared chat is powered by IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Unlike the previous chat feature, we now support an unlimited number of chat rooms, and also private messaging

When you open the chat page you will automatically join #collared, the default room. To join a different chat room, type /j #room_name  . If the room doesn't exist, it will be created.The list of rooms which you're currently in will be across the top, and you can switch between them by clicking their buttons in this top bar. You can get a list of all rooms that currently have people in them by typing /LIST. The results will appear in the Status window.

A list of all users currently in each chat room is displayed on the right hand side. The first person to join an empty room becomes  that room's Operator, and gets an "@" sign before their name. This person can also kick other users out of the chat room by clicking their name  in the user list and choosing "kick".

You can find out about a user by clicking their name by one of their messages, or clicking their name in the user list and choosing whois. This will display a link to their profile, as well as how long since they last posted a message in the chat, and when they joined the chat.

You can start a private chat with another user by clicking on their name and clicking query. No third person will be able to join your private chat.

Using a real IRC client

You will soon be able to use a real IRC client, once we've worked out how to verify your username and password properly