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Trustee Elections

Collared is governed by a group of 5 Trustees who are elected by memebers on a biannual basis. In order to maitain consistancy the election of Trustees will be staggered so elections take place every year. This means that there will be a trustee for London and trustee for Manchester elected every year and a floating trustee every 2 years.

The role of Trustee is varied but is basically half way between being a manager and being a janitor for the club, anything from getting the club set up and taken apart each night to handling the clubs promotion and legal issues and can be very rewarding.


How do I stand for trustee?

There's some basic qualifying criteria in order for you to be eligible to stand for trusteeship. These are:

  • You must be a card carrying member of Collared for at least 6 months prior to the nomination period.
  • You must have your card registered to your profile. This can be done at any time prior to the nomination period. Details on how to do that if you're unsure will be provided below.
  • You must be 'seconded' by another card carrying member who isn't standing for election. A member can only second 1 nominee.
  • If you are a former Collared team member or trustee, your nomination will have to be cleared with current trustees. This is to ensure that people who left due to nefarious reasons can not further disrupt Collared.
  • You must be able to attend your chosen locations events regularly, as well as the quarterly meetings.


How can I vote?

There's a few limitations on who can vote due to security reasons. In order to vote, you must:

  • Be a card carrying member for at least 3 months prior to voting.
  • Your card must be registered to your profile. This can be done at any time prior to voting and is explained below.
  • You will be able to vote even if your membership has expired by up to 3 months, but don't take that chance if you are going to expire before voting date.
  • Further information regarding the amount of votes you get will be given closer to the election.

Voting is done through the website and when voting opens there will be link on the home page



Nominations will open in January with voting taking place in the first 2 weeks of February.


How do I register my card?

This is very simple:

Click here and then enter your card number. If you have dificulty then contact a team member.


Can I volunteer without becoming a trustee?

Of course you can we are always looking for people to get involved and help Collared to continue and grow. Simply contact any team member and find out about volunteering, what it involves and what you can expect to get out of it.