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Template contract of indenture and service between Master and Servant

This a contract between the Master … and the servant known as ….

The Master agrees to provide the servant with accommodation in his premises, to feed him, train him, support him and protect him, and in return the servant agrees to the following conditions.

  • a)  He is the servant of … and will without question be used and instructed as the Master sees fit.
  • b)   He will be responsible for maintaining the premises to a clean and orderly standard.
  • c)  He will assist the Master's other interests in whatever way the Master requires.
  • d)   He will service the personal needs of the Master and his friends and guests in whatever way they require.
  • e)   He will accept punishment and discipline graciously, gratefully and without question.

The servitude will be in force [either] 24 hours a day, seven days a week [or, amended as appropriate] five days each week between the beginning of the waking day and 6PM, for three evenings a week until bed-time and for three nights a week. The specific periods and days will be negotiated in advance between the Master and the servant on a week-to-week basis.

While in servitude the servant will dress as instructed by the Master but will at all times wear the collar that has been gifted by the Master

In turn, the Master agrees to provide the servant with training and instruction, to ensure that his needs as a person are satisfied, to help secure paid employment if appropriate, to protect him from harm and to support his personal development to the greatest extent possible. Nothing in this agreement will construe any right of the Master to exploit the servant for commercial gain or to compromise the legal rights of the servant.

The contract is subject to a one-month probation and either party may break the agreement at any point thereafter.