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Acceptable Picture Policy

In order to ensure that we comply with the law, as well as to make the website browsing experience as pleasant and safe as possible for others users, we operate the following policy on profile pictures:

The following types of pictures are not allowed to be uploaded.

  • Pictures that violate the Extreme Pornography Act
  • Pictures not depicting the profile owner, their handiwork or their possessions
  • Pictures containing images of people under the legal age appropriate to jurisdiction
  • Abusive or threatening pictures
  • Pictures containing people who do not wish for the picture to be published

If you upload such pictures, they may be removed from your profile and your account may be suspended.

Uses should be aware that some phones, including iPhones, have the ability to encode GPS data of where the picture was taken into the EXIF data of JPEGs. If this feature is left enabled, viewers of the uploaded photographs may be able to determine where pictures were taken.