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Local hotels and hostels

There is an abundance of accommodation in the Kings Cross area within walking distance of the Collared venue at Central Station.

Like all major tourist centres never assume that accommodation is freely available on a weekend. Book early, particularly if you want hostel space. 

Here are some of the less criminal options. 

Venue accommodation

Central Station  Yes indeed! if you want to stay right in the heart of the action then our venue has a limited number of  B&B rooms ranging from £59.50 per night. Single and double rooms are available, some en-suite. Staying at Central means you can party all night in the venue after Collared stops at midnight. 

Local hotels

Kings Cross Travelodge


This elegant hotel, three minutes walk from the venue, is an old favourite and is right in the heart of Kings Cross. Rooms vary enormously in price, from the much-loved £19-a-night occasional offers to around £120. 

Premier Inn, Kings Cross

Located two minutes from the Collared venue, the Premier Inn is on the pricey side (rooms are often a minimum of £130) and the hotel rarely offers Saturday night discounts. Still, it's a lovely place with reliable service if you can afford it.

Excelsior Hotel (B&B)

The Excelsior, located about five minutes' walk from the venue, is a classic example of the countless B&B's that litter the local area. Prices range from a little over £60 for a room with shared bathroom.

Local Hostels



About ninety seconds walk from the venue Journeys is a fairly basic traveler's hostel designed for the adventurous visitor. The place attracts mixed reviews but is very reasonably priced, and if you can't stand the idea of sharing a dorm with a load of randy drunken Swedish backpackers then if you book early enough in advance you can snap up a private room. Dorm rates range from £25 for a 3-bed room to £18 for a boisterous 17-bed dorm. 

Clink 78

Located about 8 minutes walk from the venue Clink 78 is a recently renovated medium sized hostel that used to be a court house and holding cells. In fact you can still book a converted Cell Room which doubtless retains all the chaos and torment that hostels and prisons have in common. The dorms are slightly more expensive than Journeys, ranging from £23 to £32 for a bed, and private rooms range from £65 to £85 and some have en-suite facilities.