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toilet in the park

by frankie

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My weekend Master expected at 9 pm Friday night and i stay the weekend. when i arrive, i am blindfolden for the entire weekend at this place. the Master had to piss, so he piss in a cup for me to drink. i was looking for the whole week of the Master abusing me. about 930 make me wear a small shorts and a green t-shirt. still blindfolden very little cloth on i follow this voice down the street, we walk about 20 minutes. we finally arrive at a small city park. he took me to a isolated part of the park. he said there are some perverts who hang out at this park late at night, tonight they will find you. then he mus have had a knife, he became to cut off my shorts. i could feel the cold night air from my hips down. then he cut off my t-shirt. then he cut the shots and t-shirt in small pieces, then he but the small pieces of cloth in my hands. now i was in this park with no cloth to wear, what can i do. then he got a big dildo and started to push it in my ass, of course my ass was tight. he bend me over a park bench, he spit on the dildo it took the Master about 10 minutes to loosen my ass up. then he told ne to stay and don't move, well naked in the park where could i go. Master say he was going to find a pervert to use you like a toilet.


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