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Story Author Finished? Chapter Count  
My First Time davebris yes 5  
Theo the Boi-let Dylan yes 1  
The Stranger Simon yes 3  
Everybody Has Different Dreams ready2serve yes 1  
Edinburgh 1991 - A True Story sammoore yes 1  
Stripped Naked in Public sammoore yes 1  
The Journey Sparky yes 1  
Motorcycle Boy Tylerbernard yes 1  
The New Uncle Tylerbernard yes 1  
toilet in the park frankie yes 1  
Taking an interest Tylerbernard yes 1  
The Tamperer Tylerbernard yes 1  
The Brick Turtle no 14  
The making of Spike lilpupuk yes 5  
Tales of Felipe telemachus12 yes 5  
To Server a Master Kentmanuk no 21  
The Marines telemachus12 yes 1  
The Hotel Room telemachus12 yes 1  
Eurotrash telemachus12 yes 1  
Richard's Story FTGC no 2  
The danger of familiarity Simon yes 1  
Porn cinema in Hamburg davebris yes 3  
Start of a Rent Boy davebris yes 4  
My First Master davebris yes 4  
More than I bargained for horny_dad yes 1  
A morning fantasy Slutty.Gothboy.Alex no 1  
Stewart Hunter westhamandy yes 1  
First time bithong yes 1  
The Cup Tie westhamandy yes 7  
First time with my Master Rebel yes 1  
my ass spanking puptray yes 1  
my experienz puptray yes 1  
Peters Training masterjack666 no 1  
Cake subspacenine yes 1  
Bus Ride subspacenine yes 1  
Long Day at Work subspacenine yes 1  
Zero Gravity subspacenine yes 1  
Master's shit up my ass frankie no 0  
sunbathing naked frankie no 2  
How I became Knobler. Kentmanuk no 3  
The long Journey dogzbod yes 13  
First time edged piper yes 1  
The Duvet of Secrets Simon no 1  
10 to 2 easytosay yes 1  
1st time as a slave PupReco no 1  
True Submission BenT no 5