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The making of Spike

by lilpupuk

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Number of chapters: 5

I have always been interested in sexual fantasies, and one that I am incredibly turned on is a Dom/sub. For those of you who are fairly new to this, you have ad dominator, who is the master, and you have the submissive, the person who takes orders. The dominator should always be respected since he makes the rules and if disobeyed he holds the power. This is obviously fantasy but some people can take it very seriously, and for a Sub it’s very easy to fall into the role. People can fit into one of the two categories; I’m about a 95% sub, I love being controlled sexually, and given the opportunity I could be a Dom, but since I’m a small kind of guy, I actually feel better at this role. When I joined a fetish site and did a bit of searching, I felt most attracted to the muscle domain, since muscles are a huge turn on for me. A month later I changed to the slave4master domain, and found there were not only masters were looking for slaves but also slaves looking for pups to train up, A pup? I liked the sound of that. Looking round this internet I knew dog collars and leashes were available, but I fell in love with a puppy tail butt plug, found a nice collar and leash. These I saved since I knew this was something I was interested in. I’ve only recently had my first puppy experience, and story is as follows: The first time I ever had a master control me, I was confident enough to know what I wanted, which was the experience of being dominated as a puppy. We had previously chatted online and from what I could gather, he enjoyed the same pleasures that I liked and had the right attitude. Friendly enough to entice me, but firm enough to control me. As I came up the stairs to his apartment, I was nervous, I had an idea of what to expect, but with becoming a puppy, dog or especially a slave giving control to someone requires trust. He had previously texted me to arrive at his, without saying a word, strip to nothing, and wait on my knees for further command. He slowly came up behind me with his collar and wrapped it round my neck. I was at the start of changing from a 21 year old guy to a 6 months young puppy. He had a smooth deep voice, that of a dominator and one that had the potential to become sharp should his puppy not fulfil his master orders correctly. I turned around to see my master’s cock waiting to be serviced; I wrapped my mouth around my master’s cock as he gently put the leash on me. It became even longer and harder it as I took more and more of it in my mouth. He sat down in the couch and told me to sit back as a dog would sit looking at his owner. I had nothing but a collar, cuffs and cock ring to retain my identity as he sat there in approval. He asked me to bark. I felt the adrenaline rocketing round my system, I let out a woof! A shy bark and my first too, as he asked me again, Woof! I let out with a bit more confidence. Every time I let out another bark I couldn't help but fall into the role, and it felt great. I spent a fair amount of time working on my master’s cock, submitting to my masters needs, as I tried to take more of his cock in my mouth. He wanted to push his new puppy to try harder as I gagged with his head hitting the back of my throat. Harder I tried as I came back up for air, he said in a firm voice “I don't want to see that cock leave your mouth, got it?” Breathing heavily, with his rock hard cock in my mouth I let out an attempted roof! As my breathing became faster but shorter I became more asphyxiated. I was losing more air every time I took him in my mouth I had to come up for a breather. Although I was panting like a dog over his new bone, I had disobeyed my master letting his cock leave my mouth. He pulled my body into him, and sanctioned his puppy. I let out a small yelp, as I felt his hand slap my bare arse, it was to let me know that this wasn't a game, a master is there to obey and any disobedience will not be tolerated. I spent so long on his cock and also feasting on his nipples, there was a few times I slipped up and needless to say I was sanctioned accordingly and loved every moment of it. As I spent more time on him he would tell me that he could see my efforts and reward me with a long kiss, filling my mouth with his tongue. He would grab my head firmly and throw his tongue to the back of my throat. I was hard as hell as I looked at my cock oozing with tons of precum, it wouldn't have taken me long cum but my master said I wasn't to touch my cock unless he was to say so. I had been sanctioned, rewarded, and felt good that my master was pleased with my efforts. I lay on my back resting his legs as I growled contently, feasting on his nipples as he stroked my head, "do you like your new master?" I smiled, "woof"! I barked. "You going to please your master" as I let out another "woof!" again, "woof!” I think me liked my bark as he asked me a few times as I lay there in the grasp of my master. He told me to get on the floor and fetch the lube. I crawled over on all fours along the floor excited and completely engulfed by my role, this is something I was simply was interested in, and now the buzz I was getting off it was tremendous. I picked the lube up in my mouth as my master took it from my mouth. He asked me to turn around as he examined my rear waiting for what could come next. "Head down!" he ordered as I placed my head on the floor. He slid his silky finger into me, my body shivered in pleasure, sliding in and out, it felt like the first time this had every happened to me, as I shifted about on the spot. Every movement I could feel with just his one finger, sliding in and out of me. “Get on the bed, on all fours head down!” he stated. He put my leash in my mouth as I excitedly moved to the bed, still on all fours. Hopping up onto the mattress I had time to calm down, and catch my breath. My master came in the room a few moments later as my heart started to race again, only to imagine what was going to happen next. Looking behind me through my legs I could see him hard as he prepared himself to enter me. What seemed like forever as he lubed up his cock, and came up steadily behind me. He pushed himself into me as I yelped. Letting out a helpless whimper as he impaled me with his cock. It was the perfect size, not small but not overly big. He held me momentarily and reassured me that he was going to take care, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be gentle. He slowly built up his pace as I felt every inch of him enter my body, I could feel the contact of him rubbing inside of me, as I let out a cry every time he thrusted his hips into me. I lifted my arse up as he pushed his hips further into me, I yelped as he hit the tender spot inside of me, he couldn’t have pushed any further so he began fucking me faster, moaning with every thrust I cried in my puppy whimper. This was one puppy he was not going to give an easy ride to. Aggressively pumping my arse faster and deeper my whimper progressed into a merciful moan. I wanted him to stop but this had never felt so good. He slowed down for a bit to give my saw arse a rest my body, so tired began to relax. As he turned me around on my back It wasn’t long until his bucking hips screwed me to what seemed like an orgasm, but I couldn’t come, I moaned as I couldn’t touch my cock, but could cum any second, my head against the headboard, he rammed my tender arse as I felt an orgasm but couldn’t come. I was too hard, when my master finally gave me permission to touch my cock as I looked at it, it was throbbing, and bright red as I grabbed it in relief. My master pulled out of my tender arse, as I lie there finished, spent. I had just enough energy to please my master to come as I feasted on his nipples. He Groaned as his muscles causes his body to twitch. It was then time for me to come; I was so shattered after he had pounded me. I tried so hard to bring myself close as I held my breath; it was a hard job concentrating. My master grabbed my nipples as I slid my hand up and down my shaft. I whispered “harder” and he pinched my nipples, I could feel my body about to erupt. I let out a moan as I spread my load over my master’s stomach, shot after shot they travelled; I don’t think I had ever come this much before. My master slowly let go of my nipples with his fingers, the felt pierced with his strength as I let out a final yelp. After a good 5 minutes of laying there catching my breathe my master warned me “you do not speak until the collar comes off, ok?” I let out an acknowledging “roof” as I lay there shattered. It wasn’t long before the conversation started about what else he likes and before I knew it, I was yelping, even more as he screwed my incredibly tender arse for a second time... And that’s my story as my first puppy. You can call me spike or pup. My main moral I carry out from this story which turns me on every time I think of the phrase “you do not speak until the collar comes off, ok?” sends my cock pulsing awaiting for the next time I visit my master.


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