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Master's shit up my ass

by frankie

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My Master calls me for once weekly visit. when I get there he immediately blinds fold me and ties me up. one things Master like to do is lube my ass. then he gets this frozen shit log out of the freezer. then he starts to insert them still frozen up my ass. my ass could take a lot of Master's shit up my ass. i would state " please Master no more", Master states shut up. then i would get dressed and when to the local park, went into the toilet stall. in the stall I had to take off all my clothes. then he left with my cloth, stating don't leave the stall, this toilet stall had no door on it. commanded me to hold this shit in and don't shit it out. i stayed there sitting on the toilet for 45 minutes. the Master returned with a plastic bag, found out of was filled with more frozen shit. as i sat on the toilet bowl, he took a froze shit log of of the bag. commanded me to open my mouth as i sat there with my mouth open. the Master but the shit log in my mouth, told to bite down and hold it in my mouth. as i did the Master begin to mastibate this big white cock. he told me to kneel on the floor. as I kneel on the floor the Master's cum shot in my face. then the Master walked away... i had to cleanup and wait until it got dark there were a few guys sitting in the dark park. I left the bathroom naked and walked by the men got in my car and drove home naked...


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